Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rosario Flores

-She was born on 4 November 1963, she, now lives in Madrid.
-Is Spanish but gypsy origin.
-She has two sons, they are lola and Pedro Antonio.
-Between September and December 2012 Rosario is part of the jury's voice as coach.
-Is a singer, songwriter and actress.
-Has been latin grammy award winner.
-She has had enough albums:
           *´´Grandes éxitos latinos en directo``/2009/
           *´´Esencial rosario``/2009/
           *´´Las voces de rosario``/2012/
           *´´Lo mejor de Rosario``/2012/
-Also has many singles, the first single was made in 1976:´´Que querrá`` and the second single was made in 2014: ´´tu boca``
-won his first award in 1993. Los premios ondas-his last award was won in 2013.


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