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Ramón Melendi Espina (Melendi) is a singer-songwriter very famous in Spain. He was born on 21st January 1979 (Oviedo).  His speciality are rumba and pop-rock. He start his musical degree on 2000 with a band called "el Bosque de Sherwood".
His first albun was on 2004 that was called "Sin noticias de Holanda", and now he has published 7 albums, the last album published was "Un alumno mas". It is about his past and the things he did bad in his past. When he was young he was addicted to the alcohol and the drugs, but now he is rehabilitate and has a wife and one son.
Here you have a photo and a video of Melendi:

There you have other song of Melendi:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an american singer, she also writes her own songs. She is born on 13th of December 1989. She started her career at the age of 14  when she moved with her family to Nashville, Tennessee.
She signed a contract with the very known company called "RCA Records", where famous singers wrote her songs. Her first album was in 2006 she started with country music. Her second album was "Fearless" and it was released  in 2008. "Fearless" became the best-selling album of 2009. In 2010 and 2012 she did her third and fourth album called "Speak now" and "Red", and her fifth album is "1989". Some songs of this album are: "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space". She won several awards.

Here you can see the video of Taylor Swift Shake It Off

 Here you can see another song of Taylor Swift: "Blank Space" of her new 
album "1989".
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Malú is a espanish singer. She is a niece of the famous flamenco composert and guitarist Paco de Lucía. She are 32 years old. She has got of "Premios Ondas" in 2014. She actives of 1998.

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The violin

The violin a instruments of string very famous, is composed of 4 string, is the smallest and acute family of classical string instruments. There are great violinviolinist as: Vanessa Mae, Maxim Vergerov or  samvel yervinyan. Wonderfull pieces like Vivaldi's four season or Violin Concerto in D Majoe Major by Beethoven 


The guitar is a string instrument, it usually has 6 strings. There are two types of guitars, acoustic guitars or electric guitars. They are normally made of wood. The strings' vibes produce the sound. It was created in the 12th century in Europe. Nowadays we can hear the guitar almost everywhere. In this page we can see a lot of news and information about the guitar.

this is an example of an acoustic guitar ^

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Auryn is a spanish boyband formned by 5 boys:
Alvaro Gango was born on October 2, 1989
Carlos Marco was born on February 4, 1991
Blas Canto was born on October 26, 1991
Daniel Fernandez was born on December 11, 1991
David Lafuente was born n May 3, 1888
They sing pop, in Spanish or in English.This gruop calls Auryn way for de amulet of the Endless Histoy.
In 2011 they appeared in "Eurovision" and stayed secondly, after this they extracted their firsts singles "Volver" and "Breathe in the light", on October 18, 2011 they extracted their first disc "EndlessRoad, 7058" and were registered in Warner Music. On March 26, 2013 they extracted
 their second disc "Anti-heroes" there was turning in number one in lsales. On September 2014  they extracted their last disc "Circus Avenue" that it is amazing!

This is the new song:


Musical instrument consisting of a series of metal strings, different length and diameter, ordered from higher to lower in the interior of a sound box, still swinging by a keyboard-driven hammers producing clear and vibrant sounds. According to their shape and size there are vertical, tail and middle tail, table, etc. Its first name was PIANO FORTE due to its nuances (piano = soft; forte = strong, in Italian).

Pablo Alborán.

 He was born 31 of May 1989 in Málaga. His real name is Pablo Moreno De Alboran .
          He was famous uploaded video in youtube when he play guitar and sing. He play the guitar in              
           a lot of songs.The song which he became famous is "Solamente Tú". He won a lot of awards 

           for exemples: three Grammys Awards. He have two album very famous and now he have  

            new album. He sometimes sing with other singer and he composer new sings with other                      
           singer. The famous song now is "Por Fin".    
singer. The famous song now is "Por Fin".    


  Antonio was born in barcelona on the 23 of november  in 1972 .he is a singer 
 and spanish musition .
he sold mord than 600000 copies in his country .

his a first CD was UN RELOJ Y UNA VELA .

his famus since 2000 and nowadays popular too
This is a new  sing                                                                                                                             

Milky Chance

Hello! I'm writing about Milky Chance.
Milky Chance is an pair of germans (Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch).
Their songs usually are folk/rock.

Philipp Dausch  is a DJ and Clemens Rehbein is a singer.
Their web is:
Their Twitter account is: @MilkyChance
Both of them were born in Kassel.

The most famous song is Stolen Dance
If you want to listen in Spotify



The banjo is an instrument of 4-10 strings, made of wood and metal screws. Was developed in the nineteenth century in America. There are many types of banjos as prectum, tenor and bass. Currently it is very rare to hear a banjo and is usually seen in movies of America.

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Is it in you to be Honest

  I know that everyone like different types of music: pop, rock, fast or slow, and all of that, but for me Kodaline is a great group and it is not because they're so good (but they're good), it is because from their first song that I listen I felt identify and like they know me and know how I feel. I know they for All I Want, that is not a song it is an EP, and if you think about it it's very touching.                        

With their first song they made a triumph, but it didn't make much, so after that they changed their name from 21 Demand to Kodaline, and with this they come back.

 For me, their first songs are a little "meh", but the new ones (Honest and Ready) are really good, those will be in their second album (the first is In A Perfect World) Coming Up For Air, on sales the next 9th of February; in a few months they will do a tour in America and I think in Europe too.  

  Kodaline is made by Stephen Garrigan (singer), Mark Prendergast (guitar), Vinny May (drums) and Jason Boland (bass) , they're from Sword (Ireland). I think they are not like normals groups and I like it.

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Hi! I'm Alberto, I talk about the clarinet, a vey beautifull intrument.
The clarinet is an instrument of the family of the woodwins. There are differents parts: the mouth piece, the barrel, the upper body, the lower body and the bell.
 The actual clarinet was invented on the 18th  century probably byJohann Christoph Denner. the clarinet come from the chalumeau (a frech istrument) .There are one of the most flexible instruments of the orchestra because he has got a very long tessitura. There are many members in the family: the requinto clarinet (the more high-pitched),the Bb clarinet (the most usual), the A clarinet, the corno di basetto, and the bass clarinet (the more bass clarinet).
 The timbre is very sweet and beautiful, there was the favourite instrument of Mozart.
I play the clarinet, I think it's not very difficult to play, but if you want to be a professional clarinetist you have  to dedicate many many hours.
In this page you can find a lot of scores. The clarinet has a lot of repertoire but there have not baroque repertoire.
One of the most beautifull and famous concertos for clarinet is the Clarinet concerto in A major of Mozart. In this video we can see the concerto played for the Czech philharmonic orchestra and the solist Sharon Kam.

In this foto we can see a disassembled clarinet:

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The tambor is a instrument  percussions , it's a round box. The tambor use drumstick, not use note, but use rhythm. I don't use a tambor.

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His real name is Christian Jiménez Bundó.
He was born in Barcelona(Spain) on the 2nd of July  of 1988.
Porta is a MC and rapper.
Porta has won:
-Disk Gold Spain (2009  best selling Album).
-Independent Music Awards(2013  Best Rap Album, Hip Hop and Urban Music)
-Neox Fan Awards(2014  artist revelation)

    This is his song"Nueva Generación"

Their albums are:
-No es cuestión de edades(2006).
-No hay truco(2007)
 -En boca de tantos(2008)
-Transtorno Bipolar(2009)
-Algo ha cambiado(2014)

 This is a channel where you will find some of their songs;

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                                                         Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was born in june 26 1993 is an American Singer , songwriter and actrees.

She began her career in the Broadway musical 13 , before landing the role of cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon televisión series Victorious in 2009.

After the show ended , Grande rose to prominence as a teen idol on her own sponoff , Sam & Cat , ehich ended in 2014.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Juan Magán

Born in Barcelona (Spain) on 30 September 1978, and is a musician since 1995, but with the album "Electro Latino" in 2008, was when he was recognizes internationally. And this is it:
Juan Magan is a unique artist, also a composer, Spanish singer and DJ.
A state of DJ in major cities worldwide. Such as: Dubai, Madrid, London, Paris ...
Juan Magan works within the urban genere. Composed works from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton and RnB to House. This is one of his most famous songs:
"Te voy a esperar":


His awards achieved are: 
-Two platinum 
-Better artist house  

-Author revelation

Friday, January 16, 2015

Meghan Trainor

 She was born in 1993 and began his career at age 11.
Is a singer and songwriter,and has gained much fame with the song all about That Bass.

The first and only album that is called out all about

That Bass and among the best songs this part.
If you want to know more about it click on the web

I hope you liked it

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The kids of the 2nd A presents their new music blog

Dear boys and girls, welcome to your blog, a spot dedicated to you and your relationship with music.

I know you all live in constant contact with the art of sounds and have pretty clear musical preferences, so you have much to say to your colleagues and any other reader who pass through here.

We will start with a first post that you must write before next January 31.

You can choose any subject related to music to familiarize with the environment.
After that, we will have our first compulsory topic.

This first free post must contain not only an original and correctly written text, but also at least one link, one image and one video. You must add one or more labels as well.

Remember that in addition to the two obligatory quarterly posts, you have always the possibility to write freely.

Let's see who breaks the ice ... ;-)