Wednesday, March 18, 2015


                                                               Romeo Santos

Anthony Santos (21 july of 1981) ''El Bronx'', USA. Better know as ''Romeo Santos''. Thanks for his Puerto Rican mother's and his Dominican father's Romeo was got a great affinity for the Bachata.
Froms teenager Romeo song in a band ''Tinellers'', later, was called ''Aventura'', with wich he began his singing career. In 2011 he was separeted from ''Aventura'' to sterted in solo career by releasing his first album: Fórmula vol. 1
Him was got a great success and he was and is famous in all world.
Between his best songs there are:

Eres Mía - (Fórmula Vol. 2)

Propuesta Indecente - (Fórmula Vol. 2)

Soberbio - (Fórmula Vol. 1)

                                                                          Blanca Abril Tisca

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