Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rosario Flores

-She was born on 4 November 1963, she, now lives in Madrid.
-Is Spanish but gypsy origin.
-She has two sons, they are lola and Pedro Antonio.
-Between September and December 2012 Rosario is part of the jury's voice as coach.
-Is a singer, songwriter and actress.
-Has been latin grammy award winner.
-She has had enough albums:
           *´´Grandes éxitos latinos en directo``/2009/
           *´´Esencial rosario``/2009/
           *´´Las voces de rosario``/2012/
           *´´Lo mejor de Rosario``/2012/
-Also has many singles, the first single was made in 1976:´´Que querrá`` and the second single was made in 2014: ´´tu boca``
-won his first award in 1993. Los premios ondas-his last award was won in 2013.


To know more about it click here:

Enrique Morente

Enrique Morente was born in Albaicín, Granada, at 25 of December 1942 and died in Madrid at 13 of December 2010 at the age of 67.
He started to sing when he was a child and he learn by his family and other people of Granada like Cobitos or the Habichuelas. In 1969, he recorded his first song, Cante Flamenco.
His first company was Manolo Sanlúcar,  and he compained him on his first actuation in Atenea de Madrid.
Last award: Best flamenco recording (2006).


                                                               Romeo Santos

Anthony Santos (21 july of 1981) ''El Bronx'', USA. Better know as ''Romeo Santos''. Thanks for his Puerto Rican mother's and his Dominican father's Romeo was got a great affinity for the Bachata.
Froms teenager Romeo song in a band ''Tinellers'', later, was called ''Aventura'', with wich he began his singing career. In 2011 he was separeted from ''Aventura'' to sterted in solo career by releasing his first album: Fórmula vol. 1
Him was got a great success and he was and is famous in all world.
Between his best songs there are:

Eres Mía - (Fórmula Vol. 2)

Propuesta Indecente - (Fórmula Vol. 2)

Soberbio - (Fórmula Vol. 1)

                                                                          Blanca Abril Tisca

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paco de Lucia

  He was a composer of flamenco music, he was borned on 21 December 1947
 and he died on 25th of February .His real name was Francisco Sanchez Gomez.
 He was one of the first flamenco guitarists, played with a lot flamenco artists for example:               Camaron de la Isla, Malu, Santana, etc. He said some important phrases like:
"Only the poor copied. The geniuses steal."(Sólo los mediocres copian. Los genios roban.)
"The envelope can be important, the content should be."(El envoltorio puede ser importante, el contenido debe serlo.)


Monday, March 9, 2015

Eva la Yerbabuena

Eva Yerbabuena is a spanish flamenco dancer.When she was born he was taken to the land of their fathers Spain.Where with just twelve he began dancing with Enrique "El Canastero" Angustillas "La Mona" Mariquilla and Mario Maya.After studying drama at Sevilla, he moved to Havana, Cuba where he learned choreography.In 1985 he produced his professional jump, when you start working in the company of Rafael Aguilar for the show "Diquela of the Alhambra". In 1987, he worked with the Society of Paco Moyano in "Absence", "A coffee" and "De legend."

In 1998 he performed at the City Center in New York and at the Teatro Real in Madrid as guest artist with the National Ballet of Spain.In 2000 premiered a new show with his company "5 women 5" in XI Bienal de Flamenco.In 2002, he began a US tour performing in the most important theaters in major cities.

Monday, March 2, 2015


"Las sevillanas" are a typical dance and a way of singing from Seville. People dance "sevillanas" in the Faire. People who take partin wear a special type of cloth. The girls wear andalusian national dresser, and the boy usually wear the hats, the boots and a thick belt. This type of dancing is usually in pairs.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Camaron de la isla

The name of Camaron de la isla is Jose Monje Cruz. He was born 5/12/1950 in Cadiz and he died 2/7/1992 in Barcelona with 41 years old. He was a spanish flamenco singer, considered one of the all time greatest flamenco sigers. He play the guitar with Paco de Lucia and Tomatito. The best singuers of Camaron are "Soy Gitano", "Como el Agua" and "Vivire". He has de golden key of flamenco, he record with Paco de Lucia and Tomatito.


Resultado de imagen de tomatito
José Fernández Torres (Tomatito) was born in the 20/8/1958 in Almeria but later on he move to Málaga where he met Camarón. He play the guitar with Paco de Lucía in the single of Camarón "Agua". When he dead (Camarón) he start a tour in solitary.

 His first disco was Rosas del Amor (1987). Tomatito win his second Grammy to the best flamenco disco in 2000. He did a lot of tours in Germany, Japan, United States...

He play in the Romeo Santos single, i will put a video. And he has a web too, click here if you want to watch.

Camarón of island

Camaron of island born in  5 of  December in 1950 and died on  2 of July in 1992 . He is considered the greatest of flamenc. In 1968 Camaron become fixed in the tablao Torres Bermejas in Madrid where he remained for twuelve years with Paco Cepero. In Torres Bermejas he meets guitarist Paco de Lucía wiht which would record nine albums between 1969-1977. On 2 of July, he died in lung cancer 

Camarón with Paco de Lucía
His song  ''Como el agua'' with Paco de Lucia