Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hi! I'm Alberto, I talk about the clarinet, a vey beautifull intrument.
The clarinet is an instrument of the family of the woodwins. There are differents parts: the mouth piece, the barrel, the upper body, the lower body and the bell.
 The actual clarinet was invented on the 18th  century probably byJohann Christoph Denner. the clarinet come from the chalumeau (a frech istrument) .There are one of the most flexible instruments of the orchestra because he has got a very long tessitura. There are many members in the family: the requinto clarinet (the more high-pitched),the Bb clarinet (the most usual), the A clarinet, the corno di basetto, and the bass clarinet (the more bass clarinet).
 The timbre is very sweet and beautiful, there was the favourite instrument of Mozart.
I play the clarinet, I think it's not very difficult to play, but if you want to be a professional clarinetist you have  to dedicate many many hours.
In this page you can find a lot of scores. The clarinet has a lot of repertoire but there have not baroque repertoire.
One of the most beautifull and famous concertos for clarinet is the Clarinet concerto in A major of Mozart. In this video we can see the concerto played for the Czech philharmonic orchestra and the solist Sharon Kam.

In this foto we can see a disassembled clarinet:

I'm finish, thank for reading. Bye bye!!!!

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