Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is it in you to be Honest

  I know that everyone like different types of music: pop, rock, fast or slow, and all of that, but for me Kodaline is a great group and it is not because they're so good (but they're good), it is because from their first song that I listen I felt identify and like they know me and know how I feel. I know they for All I Want, that is not a song it is an EP, and if you think about it it's very touching.                        

With their first song they made a triumph, but it didn't make much, so after that they changed their name from 21 Demand to Kodaline, and with this they come back.

 For me, their first songs are a little "meh", but the new ones (Honest and Ready) are really good, those will be in their second album (the first is In A Perfect World) Coming Up For Air, on sales the next 9th of February; in a few months they will do a tour in America and I think in Europe too.  

  Kodaline is made by Stephen Garrigan (singer), Mark Prendergast (guitar), Vinny May (drums) and Jason Boland (bass) , they're from Sword (Ireland). I think they are not like normals groups and I like it.

I hope you like it, thank you for read.
By me to you

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